In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!



We at, QASWA-E-AHMED Hajj & Umrah Services , would like to thank you for visiting our website.
We are proud to announce that we are committed for  the services to  the visitors of Kaba for Umrah & Hajj And Zyrat of Masjid Nabbavi

Qaswa-E-Ahmed is one of the elegant & trusted names in Hajj & Umrah management. We are the part of Hajj & Umrah services. Hospitality is our cultural heritage. We extended our heartiest hospitality to those who are invited by almighty to visit the Holy house of God for hajj & Umrah.

          Our services commences when you choose 
Qaswa-e-Ahmed as your Umrah &  Hajj Company. Provision of safe & soft Flight from Pakistan to Jeddah is our first responsibility. From Jeddah to Makkah journey is arranged in elegant Busses. In Makkah provision of comfortable accommodation with in walking distance is our second important task. Our preference is to provide you Suitable accommodation in the closest vicinity of Harram. During Umrah & Hajj. Exclusive arrangements are made for the Zyrat of Masjid Nabbavi.

During Hajj i.e. from 8 th to 13 th Zilhaj at Mina, Arafat Transport, Meals & Tents will be provided. For Hujajas free of cost (Ayam-e-e Hajj). . At Muzdalifa no tents are provides as every one will sleep under open sky.

For Zyrat of Masjid Nabbavi & for Darood & Salam Journey to Madina will be arranged in AC busses. In Madina Accommodation is provided Suitable buildings approved by Saudi Government For Hujajas. And Accommodation will be in walking distance from Harram. From Madina to Jeddah soft & smooth Journey will be arranged in AC Busses.

          During you stay in Haraman our qualified & professional staff will try there best to make you Holy Traveling safe, comfortable & unforgettable Inshallah.

Qaswa-e-Ahmed is an eminent name is the field of tourism, ticketing, Hajj & Umrah Services. It was

   established in 2005 by the name of Sharja Hajj & Umrah Services. But in 2007 it was taken over by

Ahmed's under the name of Qaswa-e-Ahmed Hajj & Umrah Services. This firm is registered with SECP&Ministry of Tourism & Ministry of Auqaf, Religious Affairs & Usher Government of Pakistan.OurRegistration No is 005795 , GCN No is 3268 & Tourism license No is 2962.

The Board of Directors of this company is consists of :

  1. Dr. Zahoor Ahmed as Executive Director
  2. Mrs.Mussurat Ahmed as Director

The Shear Holders are:

  • Dr. Zahoor Ahmed
  • Mrs.Mussurat Ahmed
  • Miss Maria Ahmed
  • Miss Maryam Ahmed
  • Miss Tahreem Ahmed
  • Mr.Mubeen Ahmed

Our Office is located at Wazir Taj Plaza Bazar Sarfaraz Gung Mardan N.W.F.P Pakistan i.e. in center of MardanCity .

The Staff Members of the company are Professionals & Educated personals

  • Mr. Hazrat Umar Co-coordinator & Public Relation Officer
  • Mr. Yasir Inam  In charge of Packages, Tourism & Fairs arrangement
  • Miss Gullalay Inam Female Public relation officers, Guide for ladies group & Organizer of educational & Training programs for ladies
  • Muhammad Khan as Peon & Office Boy
  • Muhammad Saddiq as Peon & Office Boy
  • Security Guard From OSOM Security Company

Qaswa-e-Ahmed is committed to do the following jobs with Efficiency, honor, Dignity & at reasonable rates.

1.      Umrah

2.      Hajj-e- Batullah

3.      Tours to Islamic Historical & Religious Places with & without Umrah Package such as India , Iran & Syria .

4.      Arrangements of  International & local Pakistan i Air Fairs

5.      In Land tourism to Lokvirsa Programs, National Heritage & Tourism Spots approved by Ministry of Cultural Heritage & Tourism Governments of Pakistan

6.      Arrangement of Study tours for Students

7.      Special Training & Guidance Programs for Umrah, Hajj & Tourism


Inshallah we will try to keep our self to our commitment & meet to expatiations of our customers by providing them the best possible services & make there tours as one of there best memories.


 ED & Director Qaswa-e-Ahmed

Dr Zahoor Ahmed


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